Residential Fencing Overview


For over two decades Think Fencing has been developing and perfecting composite PVC fencing for the rural and commercial industries. Now thanks to our innovative team this technology is available to the residential fencing market.

Your outdoor area forms the frame of your family life. Yet we give little thought to the fencing as a backdrop. Until you have to fix it, paint it or replace it.

Think Fencing’s PVC fencing systems are technically superior to standard systems and yet provide aesthetics and benefits most people wouldn’t dream of.

Think Fencing’s range of composite fencing colours and styles can be customised to make your vision a reality.

Timber grain and plain colours combine in styles that look as traditional or modern as you want…and never ever need painting or repair.

Think Fencing products are Incredibly resilient and tough. Whether you need screening for privacy or a picket fence combining colour and style, Think Fencing offers amazing versatility combined with technical brilliance.

Think Fencing’s research and development in fencing is an endless quest to innovate and improve fencing products to the rural, residential and commercial fencing industries.

Think Fencing is so confident of its range meeting your highest expectations of excellence, that it is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Traditional beauty
to suit every home


Sleek elegance
with ultimate privacy


Ultra modern
screening solutions

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