Steel Fencing Components

Think Fencing’s Steel Fencing Components

Think fencing has created a range of highly popular fencing accessories for Steel boundary fences.

Plinth Rail.

Our Plinth rail is made from tough ribbed Vinyl railing.  Designed to be installed under a steel fence it blocks up the gap under your fence.  Most steel fencing’s warranty is void is the bottom steel rail is sitting on soil or has soil built up against it.  For decades fencing contractors have used timber to fill this gap.

Timber is OK for a stop gap solution however after time the timber rots and warps. Anyone with a timber plinth rail on a steel fence that is over 3 years old will know what we mean.

The Vinyl Plinth will not rot, it will not warp it does not void a Lysaght steel fence warranty.

Australian Patent Number 2013100109

Available in a range of colours to match your steel fence.

If you plan to install your plinth rail two or more rails high we recommend installing a steel reinforcement.  Details can be found in our fencing accessories page.

Vinyl Lattice insert.

We have created a Vinyl Lattice insert that is designed to be installed on top of a Lysaght steel fence.  When designing your steel fence you must notify your fencing contractor that you plan to install a Vinyl Lattice insert so that they can build the provision into the fence.

Think Fencing Colour Range

PVC fencing diy installation
PVC fencing lifetime warranty
PVC fencing never paint
Australian made PVC fencing
PVC fencing eco friendly
PVC fencing graffiti resistant

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